suddenly realising that i probably have some form of seperation anxiety more like

lies down

am i demi-het romantic?



who knows

do you have a cosplay tips tag?

cosplay 101 :)


Dalmatian / / Rudi


Dalmatian / /


Fraktos Forest, Drama, Greece

photo via leonids


Fraktos Forest, Drama, Greece
photo via leonids
Tokyo Ghoul - Characteres
Hey, what happened to Phineas T. Rotostar? In the housing trailer he's cheery looking, almost glowing. Ingame, his clones at least, look like grumpy pickles.


Thanks for this pertinent question, user! Scanbot would like to assure user that Protostar clones are typically involved in what is known in the corporate sector as “serious business.” Therefore, the standard clone template issued to each Protostar clone reflects that in every expression, from “joyful” to “deliberate” to “efficient” and back to “joyful.” This expression of both seriousness and businesslikability has proven so successful that all templates revert to it when engaged in active commerce, which they do at all times.

Scanbot is certain that this explanation is sufficient and requires no further elaboration, as certain as scanbot is that Protostar has not implanted failsafe software designed to offer specific answers to certain queries concerning the outward expressions of Protostar employees and what it could mean for their emotional stability. Yes, scanbot is certainly certain nothing like that has happened, and feels compelled to remind user that Protostar employees have never been convicted of unexpectedly and literally exploding like overstuffed rowsdowers in any court of law recognized by the Protostar Corporation.

Also, scanbot would remind user that “pickles” is just not appropriate. Come on now.


Some environments I drew for a school project last year :)

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